Operating principle
of TERRAVOX technology

Microseismic sounding method is used
in the following areas
of geological exploration:

Oil and gas

Any type
of ore



To conduct
engineering and
geological surveys

To conduct

Operating principle
of microseismic sounding
method technology

Random waves field can be an analogue of microseismic field on the Earth surface.

Stones do not come out to the surface, but they produce additional distortions to initial random wave field which can be utilized for determining the presence and positions of the stones beneath the surface.

Similar principle is used in TERRAVOX technology but applied to elastic medium surface of the Earth.

Microseisms of low frequencies propagate in a form of wave trains with a different frequency filling in different directions and can be observed at considerable distances from their sources.

They mainly consist of the fundamental Rayleigh and Love modes.

Large atmospheric vortex formations (cyclones, anticyclones) are sources of microseisms with periods of 3 to 20 s (and more).

Ocean surf is the source of microseisms with periods of 1 — 10 s (0.1 — 1.0 Hz).

Our technology can`t be used in case of one side coherent wave irradiation.

Our technology can be used in the field of random microseismic envelopes (all sides irradiation).

We have thoroughly studied physical phenomenon of interaction the surface Rayleigh type waves with buried compact inclusions, and basing on it we developed technology unknown earlier.

Distortion of the initial microseismic field has maximum magnitude if the buried inclusion is placed on the some wavelength depth.

This ratio can be used to estimate the presence of inclusions, their depth, geometry and elastic parameters relative to host medium in the absence of a priori information about the section.

During the survey, we put our devices in profile or net, depending on a survey type and location

Sub-vertical objects are more preferable ones than sub-horizontal ones, in contrast to seismic reflection methods.

Distance between the devices vary between five to several hundred meters.

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    Measurement of the statistically stable spectra of microseismic field in all points of the array or profile of the site.
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    Building the maps of amplitude spatial variations for each frequency in the spectrum.
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    After building the maps of amplitude spatial variations TERRAVOX experts binding the produced maps to the corresponding depths.
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    Final report with survey results and recommendations are submitted to the customer.

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